About B5G Industrial Supplies and Services

B5G Industrial Supplies and Services, also known as “B5G Industrial” is created to be the prime mover in providing piping components requirements and all plastic piping zero leak systems by using technologically formulated solvent cementing and plastic welding joining processes. It is committed to grow initially in Visayas Region as plastic piping technology provider and envision being one of the leader in thermoplastic assembly, installation, repair and fabrication related works nationwide.

Indeed, B5G Industrial finds it door right in time as a qualified company to serve its clients through well-equipped and trained technical staff and plastic installers. Our local suppliers are importers of high end thermoplastic products and already serve more than 200 clients nationwide for 25 years of high quality thermoplastic pipes, valves and fittings of ASTM, ISO/DIN and JIS standards.

It is the intention of B5G to provide the Visayas clients with quality products and updated plastic welding technology that are vital in attaining a zero leak 50 years piping systems. As a solution provider for defective piping system, millions of pesos worth of savings form defective piping system of the company’s operation will yield better production efficiency and profitability. Zero leak 50 years life is the company’s direction that is in line with its Network vision of higher profitability, stability and integrity of services of the plastic piping industry. It is through the vision that directed its contracting business to use super brands and to establish an impression as one of the company that provides “all plastic piping systems”.

With qualified technical people back up with technical supports from local suppliers plus technical assistance from their foreign counterpart, B5G INDUSTRIAL will be a new leader in the supplies of piping components such as filters, pumps, instruments, pipes, valves, fittings and Plastic Piping Services.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading engineering firm in the Visayas Region in providing industrial supplies for filters, pumps, instruments
and services of thermoplastic piping systems assembly and installations as well as FRP-related fabrications and repair related works.

Our Mission

To be one of the leading engineering firm in the Visayas Region in providing industrial supplies and services of Thermoplastic Piping Systems assembly and installations as well as FRP fabrication and repair works, B5G Industrial Supplies and Services is committed to:

  • Provide its client higher and quality services that bound to meet the company’s drive and clients’ expectation of zero leak 50 year life plastic piping systems.
  • Provides a stream of trained technical staff as well as plastic installers and welders who are highly qualified and competent in their area or specialization.
  • Pursues to maintain the high expectation of its client’s quality plastic piping system and protect the image of the plastic piping industry as a potential material against corrosion.
  • In addition to contracting services, B5G INDUSTRIAL will maintain its strong relationship with its local suppliers as their representative in the distribution of thermoplastic products for accounts developed in the Visayas Region such as PVC, CPVC, PP, HDPE, PB, ABS & PVDF pipes, valves & fittings, rods plates, sheets, duct liners; resistibility & conductivity meters; pH & TDS meters; flow instruments; filters and its Filtration System and Ecologic products such as Disc Diffusers, Rotary Screen and Membrane Bio-Reactor for Waste Treatment.
  • Aware of the constantly changing demands of globalization, B5G INDUSTRIAL as a partner in nation-building-commits itself to respond to the country’s need in this industrialization, by providing only the best services for the supply, installation and fabrication related jobs using technologically advanced and environmental friendly industrial products of today and in the future.